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Business Setup

As you are going into business, there are many things you will need in place by the time you get the keys to your pub. Preparation is vital, as some of the necessary back-office provisions take a while to set up. If you need advice, we can give you the benefit of our experience and put you in touch with people who can help you in specific areas.

Some of the most important areas to consider are covered in the following pages.

Financial & Legal Advice

Starting any business needs working capital and a business bank account is a vital requirement. It can take a few weeks to set up, but it is worth making the effort to shop around for the best deal – your own personal bank may not offer the best terms.

You will almost certainly need an accountant, unless you have considerable expertise in this area. In any event it is a legal requirement to file independently audited accounts annually. How much or how little you need your accountant will depend on your own skills and how much time you have to manage your paperwork – and their charges will vary accordingly. The primary areas needing attention (some from day one) are: weekly sales and costs; VAT; payroll; profit and loss accounts; and your personal tax liabilities.

Registering with HM Customs & Excise for VAT and PAYE takes a few weeks and it saves time and effort later on if you can have the necessary documentation from the beginning.

Another legal requirement is business insurance. Tadcaster Pub Company insures the building, but you will need to insure the fixtures and fittings together with the necessary public liability and employer’s liability cover. We will require a copy of your policy schedule for our records. Once again it pays to shop around and we can assist you with this if required.

You may wish to appoint a solicitor, and if you do we strongly advise you identify one who has experience in dealing in the licensed trade sector.


Tadcaster Pub Company holds the Premises Licence for all of our pubs.

Each pub requires a Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS), which in most cases will be you. To be named as a DPS you will require a Personal Licence, which is issued by your own Local Authority.

You will need to allow 6 – 12 weeks to get your Personal Licence. The application requires you to provide a certificate showing you have obtained the National Certificate for Personal Licence Holders (NCPLH) and a satisfactory Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check.

If you do not already have your Personal Licence, we can advise you of the full procedure and assist you in identifying a local training provider for the NCPLH, as well as where to obtain your CRB check.

Once you have your Personal Licence, we will submit the necessary application to have your name included on the Premises Licence.

Before You Take Over

In addition to the financial and legal requirements, there are many day-to-day items that will need checking off. You can download a sample checklist here.

Applying for a Pub

If you wish to register your interest in a specific pub, or if you have a more general enquiry, please ‘Apply for a Pub’.

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