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Entering The Trade

There are many ways to become a pub landlord. Here at Tadcaster Pub Company we offer the opportunity to run your own business without the need to buy your own freehold property. Our tenancies and leases give you the chance to take control over how your pub operates. Before you start though, you need to decide if having your own tenancy or lease is right for you. There is no doubt it is likely to be the hardest work you’ve ever undertaken; the hours are long and there’s plenty of paperwork as well. As it’s your business, it is up to you make sure everything gets done, from bottling up to paying the VAT-man. Maintaining efficient financial and stock control systems, man management skills and meeting hygiene standards are basic essentials of running a pub. The chances are you may need help and support, and our team can provide advice in most areas of your business.

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